Dear Charles Eisenstein: you are wonderful!

Dear Charles,

I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had during your talk. Your pairing with David Graeber was fascinating. The two of you were like oil and water and I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around exactly why.
David’s understanding of the global financial system and its history is unrivaled by anyone I’ve ever seen. His mind is the sharpest knife to ever cut through the myths that oppress us today. I haven’t finished reading Debt because I’m still taking notes on every detail. But his mind is turned entirely outward. He lives and breathes the symbolic, intellectual and abstract.
It was hard for me to see you up there because I felt that Daniel Pinchbeck and David were pulling the discussion towards a very hard-headed and calculating approach to economics. But in doing so, in holding the discussion in realms far beyond the self, their approach lacked roots in the human heart. That is where your strength lies.
Next to such a rigorous academic, your style may appear naive, but I see bravery. I see the strength to keep your heart open, no matter how threatening the world may seem. Religion asks us to ‘trust in faith’, but you are an inspiration to have faith in trust.
You give us the words to describe to one another why money, why the economy, why ‘work’ hurts our bodies and souls. Speaking from the heart, your insight into the self is priceless. You explain to us what it is inside of us that creates and is created by the painful status quo. You describe the path of accepting, softening and opening that we can follow to find a new way of being.
As someone coming from a background much more like David’s, I must say that I owe so much to your introspective wisdom. If we are to build a truly unified and loving world, no interest rate scheme, debt forgiveness jubilee or complimentary currency will do anything without a profound healing of the heart.
And because I had to leave before I could bring up the web - CouchSurfing is amazing because it unifies the two sides.  It is simultaneously a robust system, a game-theorist’s delight and a global explosion of trust and mutual admiration.
Charles, you make trusting in the emergence of a better world look easy.